Creative solutions bundled into packages that suit your needs and budget.

My flexible model provides the value you're looking for, and can be tailored for any specific requirements to make the shoot a success.

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The Portrait Package

Starts at $650 +HST

Perfect for unique professional headshots and personal portraits

  • Complimentary pre-production meeting
  • Styling guide and individualized concept boards
  • 1.5 hour shoot in-studio or on location
  • Online selection gallery of proofs
  • 9 Adjusted and naturally retouched images

Regular commercial and personal use

Lifestyle Branding Package

Starts at $1,850 +HST

Perfect for promotional content of celebrities, small biz owners or artists looking to make a creative splash.

  • Complimentary pre-production meeting
  • Styling guide and custom concept
  • 3-hour shoot in studio or on-location
  • Commercial studio
  • Online gallery of proofs
  • 25 edited hero images

Commercial usage excluding billboard + TV

Micro-Campaign Package

Starts at $2,800 +HST

Perfect for 1-2 months of content, sales season, mini product launch or smaller agency budgets.

  • Complimentary pre-production meeting
  • Art direction and production assistance
  • Up to 4-hour shoot in studio or on-location
  • Online gallery of proofs
  • 30 edited images that are internet-ready!

Commercial usage excluding billboard + TV

Ultimate Commercial Package

Starts at $5,000 +HST

Perfect for brands who are serious about a top quality shoot. This package includes art direction, production and multimedia deliverables that can sustain your content pipeline for 6+ months.

  • Complimentary pre-production meeting
  • Up to 9-hour shoot in studio or on-location
  • Combination of product, lifestyle, on-figure, campaign, or motion content
  • Online gallery of proofs
  •  40+ retouched images that fit your brand guidelines

Commercial usage excluding billboard + TV

Drag Promo

Only $325 +HST

Perfect for updated booking photos and social media content! 

  • Complimentary pre-production meeting
  • Individualized concept and background options
  • 1-hour shoot in studio
  • Online gallery of proofs
  • 3 high-end retouched hero images
  • Add-ons for extra looks, reels footage or retouched images available!

Commercial usage excluding TV and billboards

A la carte? Ou la la!

I'm happy to add on any extras to personalize your deliverables

+ Vertical Video for IG Reels and TikTok
+ Stop motion videos
+ Custom set design
+ Wardrobe or prop stylist
+ Makeup, hair and nail artists
+ Natural portrait retouching
+ High-end beauty retouching

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